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Last updated 160 weeks ago - Matt Flaherty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Flaherty

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Last updated 160 weeks ago [Aug. 8th, 2009|09:13 pm]
Matt Flaherty
160 weeks ago. That's a long time. Why don't I ever get into this stuff? I'm a web applications developer. You'd think this would be my sort of thing. I guess I just never really much feel like talking about myself. I'm bad at keeping in touch with friends even by email. I'm not into gadgets. I don't have an iPhone or a Blackberry. I don't even have a camera on my mobile phone. Not anymore. That one broke and I got a new (old) one. Do I even still have any "friends" on here? Apparently I do have some. I haven't spoken to any of them in at least a year. I think the last one I actually saw in person was sexyworld. When was that? No idea. Well anyway, here's a hello to all those who still list me as a "friend". I hope you are all well. I'm fine. I'm all alone at the moment. My family have gone on holiday and left me to whatever it is I get up to at times like these. Today that has mainly consisted of replacing a rotten window sill and reading the New York Times and PolitiFact.org. In maybe a half an hour I'll go upstairs and pick up the book I've been reading. This is why I never talk about myself.

I've got the itch to play gigs again and I'm looking for an established band that needs a competent guitar player. If anybody has any leads I'd appreciate it. If you want to, you can follow me on twitter where I'm also listed as flayman. Hint: it will not significantly increase your tweet frequency. Thank you and good night.