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Bury - Matt Flaherty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Flaherty

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Bury [Aug. 13th, 2004|10:42 am]
Matt Flaherty
I've been very stressed at work this week, well last week too I guess. Let's start there. On Monday of last week we had a meeting to discuss the timeline of our current project. I saw that I had some major deliverables for today actually. But I knew I would be taking three days off to go to Rob and Kelly's wedding in Ire and rehearsing for and playing last night's Free French gig in Bury St. Edmunds. That would mean leaving work early and getting home late. I decided I'd try to catch up on work while at home or one the train and also try to be in the office earlier.

So Wednesday last week, the day before flying into Knock, I found myself a bit late getting out the door to catch a train and I flew on my bicycle to get to the station in time. At a red light I pulled out my mobile which has the only time keeper that I carry. I couldn't quite get it back into my pocket before the light changed and as I kicked off to get across the intersection, my phone fell out into the street. I cursed and grabbed the phone as soon as there was a break in the traffic turning left. Then just to show the world how angry I was I picked up my bike and throw it down on the pavement. It was only on the ride home that evening that I noticed my rear wheel was bent and the bike was unridable. That's gonna cost me £30. Stupid move number one.

Stupid move number two happened two days ago when I misread the digital clock on my laptop at 15:30, thinking it was 5:30 and time to leave for the rehearsal. This sometimes happens to me when I'm under stress. No one questioned my early leaving. I arrived at Rooz studios two hours early and had to decide what to do. I couldn't go back to the office because then I'd waste another hour on the tube. I went and found a Starbucks with a Wi-Fi service and sat down to work on my laptop. That worked out well, but I had to do a lot of extra legging around with quite heavy gear on my shoulders.

The king of all stupid moves happened yesterday during the morning commute. I was working on my laptop trying to catch up as usual and I had my spare guitar in a hard case on the rack above my seat. We pulled into Waterloo before I knew it and I got my bag together and left. At Charing Cross on the Northern line I realised what I had done. Dashed back to Waterloo but the train had already departed for Guildford with the guitar still on it. It made it all the way to the final destination and they are holding it there and sending it back up to Waterloo Lost Property in a few days time. That's lucky, but I can't believe I nearly lost the very first guitar I ever owned in a moment of absent mindedness. And the time I gained catching up on work was doubly lost with all my frantic running around.

All this just goes to show that I should never try to do more than I am capable of and I am not as capable as I may have thought. The deadline has slipped by the way, and it turns out it's not critical. Oh well. After next Tuesday's gig things should return to normal.

Last night's gig was a disappointment. The band that opened for us were called "Shooting Craps" and they play the Priors Inn a lot. Most of the dozen and a half people at the gig were there to see them. One friend of mine who lives in Suffolk came out for us. Shooting Craps were actually quite good. Their sound was a bit hard core, and when they finished we were wondering how we would be received. With the band's average age about 12 years older than the crowd I'm sure you can imagine how it went. The sound was good and we played fine but it was a struggle with kids filtering out through the front door and those remaining staring with stony faces. rhodri will tell you all about it I'm sure. Some folks did get into it at certain points and the previous band came up afterwards to chat and say that they thought we were good. They bought a CD. But to give an idea what sort of set we had, I looked down at the set list as a particularly slow number came up and just thought "Oh no." We dropped our encores and just got out of there as soon as possible. I stayed over at my friend's flat in Finchley, arriving at 2am. I haven't seen my wife and kids since yesterday morning. I find that strange.