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Irish wedding - Matt Flaherty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Flaherty

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Irish wedding [Aug. 10th, 2004|10:31 am]
Matt Flaherty
I see I have missed a week here on my weekly chronicle. Oh well, last week was a little bit crazy. This week will be too. I've just got back from 4 nights in Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland having attended the wedding of my brother-in-law with family in tow. He's called Rob and his new bride is Kelly. Rosie got to be a flower girl in the wedding service and she was really cute. This was a traditional Catholic church wedding, although the priest was a bit of a ham and he kept making jokes about football. When the eucharist was being handed out it suddenly dawned on me that Rosie would wonder what was going on and probably want one. Beccy and I looked at each other for a moment. I said "We could give her a rice cake." Beccy thought that might be viewed as disrespectful. I took out a rice cake and said "The body of Rice. Amen." to which Beccy managed to keep from laughing out loud. Rosie didn't ask for one so we were off the hook.

It was a lovely wedding and a fun reception that went on much longer than we did. Rosie made a couple of friends and they spent most of the time dancing to the cover band. I can't tell you how great it was not to have to keep her occupied. Molly fell asleep in the buggy in spite of the racket. We thought we did well staying out with the kids until half eleven, but the party continued until the wee hours. I think some folks wandered back around 5 am. Naturally the newlywed couple had to outlast all of the guests and they did well.

We were blessed with generally good weather and managed to avoid major stresses of holiday away with children and inlaws. The last time (also the first time) I travelled to Ireland, we went with a 9 month old Rosie and my parents visiting from the US. Dad had always wanted to see Ireland, the land of our forebears, and so we arranged this trip that involved driving across the country from Dublin airport and stopping in B&Bs along the way to Galway and Mayo. On this three night trip we also had great weather, but we did not have such great luck with the accomodations. We ought to have had more of a plan I suppose. Too much driving and not enough joy. On this earlier trip we had driven through the town of Westport on the way to Achill Island. Westport was the scene of the recent wedding festivities and I wish we had spent more time there before because it's a really pleasant setting. I returned from our last trip to Ireland with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and this trip was like mouthwash. Can't wait to go back again.