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Weekly Review - Matt Flaherty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Flaherty

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Weekly Review [Jul. 22nd, 2004|09:13 am]
Matt Flaherty
[mood |busy]

My journal has become a sort of weekly affair. I think if I can't be bothered find the time to update my journal at least once a week then I should just stop, but the truth is I am very bad at time management. I just started a new job this week which is working for my old friend and former employer in his new startup company currently employing three people. For the first time in nearly a year I actually have to catch a train and commute to the heart of London every day instead of sitting around working in my house. This has its plus and minus points. Pluses include breaking the monotony of my surroundings and having the downtime for two hours each day to read a book or something. Minuses are obvious ones: long hairy commute which includes 10 minutes on the bicycle each direction, £188 in train fare gone immediately from my wallet each month, less time with family, etc. The pay is about 17% less, which is kind of worrying actually, but is no less than anyone else in the organisation is currently paid. The work is better and so is my faith in the management and the prospects of success. The share option arrangement has yet to be formally discussed, but informal discussions have suggested integer number percentage points, which is obviously quite good.

Next week we take on another couple people and simultaneously move out of our three person capacity office into one that seats eight comfortably. This is all going on while my friend, who is CEO, is out for the birth of his child. He just phoned me up a few minutes ago to tell me that they'd had their baby boy early this morning! Congratulations Josh and Jane. Everyone's fine and dandy. Meanwhile it's business as usual. We are going to be sharing our office space with a client for whom we are a technology partner. Currently we are providing a chair for one developer from this small organisation, which has put our small office at capacity. This arrangement is strange at the very least. It is not possible to speak freely about the work or the product because of the political ramifications. There have been some tense moments. Two days ago, on my second day of work, there was a bug report filed against the product demo that my company had created for our partner. The demo is related to mobile voice-mail and is being used by a handful of people, one of whom it seems was particularly irritated by this bug. The developer who sits with us read out part of an email that was obviously not meant for us saying that the guy used to think the product was good but now he didn't like it and thought it was sh1t. That's a nice way to put someone's back up! Cheek.

[User Picture]From: rhodri
2004-07-22 09:41 am (UTC)
Have I met Josh? I think I have. Send them my best.

Now, Get Working!! I'm trying to write about bloody Cognac. I know nothing about bloody Cognac.
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[User Picture]From: flayman
2004-07-22 09:48 am (UTC)
Is that like a bloody Mary but made with Cognac? Sounds disgusting! I will give them your regards. Yes, you did meet him.
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