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a new beginning - Matt Flaherty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Flaherty

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a new beginning [Jun. 21st, 2004|08:42 pm]
Matt Flaherty
Hey. Well I gave notice at my work last week. I've been on contract so actually what that means is that I told my boss that I won't be extending my contract. We just had a major launch and I wanted to wait until after that was done. My boss and I both work from home; I live in Walton-On-Thames and he lives in Southfields. Often we meet up in Wimbledon when we have to meet face to face. This time we met up in Southfields and went to a local pub where I broke the bad news. He was a bit disappointed but supported me. My boss, Thom is his name, is a very nice guy. He is and as far as I can tell always has been more interested in people than in business. He's a bit new agey and is into things like astrology and meditation. I should give those a try because Thom is about the calmest person in my life. He wanted to know what I would be doing and the particulars of the new job, out of no motivation other than curiosity and geniune interest. I told him that I had been offered a job at the startup company run by my good friend of some fourteen years. Thom had met my friend Josh at the last Free French gig in May and they traded startup company horror stories. I had worked for Josh before over a stretch of several years and I didn't hesitate to take up his offer even though it meant I would have to commute into Oxford Circus every day instead of sitting in my conservatory. It's also for less money but with a bigger stake. There are many trade offs, but I feel confident that I'm doing the right thing. It starts middle of July. Wish me luck please.

From: beeblog
2004-06-21 08:24 pm (UTC)
Good luck to us both ;)

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[User Picture]From: flayman
2004-06-21 08:38 pm (UTC)
cheers, me dears!

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[User Picture]From: rhodri
2004-06-21 09:51 pm (UTC)
Bonne chance, axe hero.
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